Ethics for Washington CPAs 2024

Course number: ETH730123

**FOR 2024** This is an ethics and regulations course for Washington CPAs covering standards of professional conduct and business practices adhered to by accountants such as CPAs in order to enhance their profession and maximize idealism, justice, and fairness when dealing with the public, clients and other members of their profession. It covers Washington State Board of Accountancy Statutes, Rules and Regulations, Policies, the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, and the differences between Washington State law and the AICPA Code.

After completing this course, participants will have an understanding of the laws and regulations in Washington State governing accountancy, where to access those laws and regulations, and an understanding of the scope and nature of those laws and requirements.

Course level: Basic. Prerequisites: None.

Course includes integrated text and study guide, final exam, and grading service.

Note: Course is year-specific and must be completed during 2024.

NASBA field of study: Regulatory Ethics    Course credit: 4 hours