Understanding Living Trusts

Course number: B571016

This course provides a complete understanding of living trusts and how they can be used by people of all estate sizes to transfer their property after their death without any attorneys or court involvement. In addition to gaining a thorough understanding of living trusts, this course will provide all the tools necessary to create your own living trust.

You’ll learn: the types of trusts and how to determine which is right for you; choosing what property to put in your trust; selecting trustees and beneficiaries; special considerations when property is left to minor children or young adults; and more. The text was written by an attorney specializing in estate planning and includes easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, helpful worksheets, and an online link to most of the forms discussed in the course. Also contains a complete set of reproducible ready-to-use forms.

Course level: Basic. Prerequisites: None.

Course includes integrated text and study guide, final exam, and grading service.

NASBA field of study: Specialized Knowledge    Course credit: 18 hours